Famoso Nut



At Famoso Nut Company we understand how important our Growers are to the success of our company. Our commitment is to consistently return good prices as scheduled on our growers' almonds. At the processing stage this is done by always having efficiency in mind and continually improving our operations. At the sales stage we are always keeping abreast of where the market is headed.


We have two processing facilities, both of which contain some of the most advanced machinery in the nut processing industry. We are capable of efficiently processing almonds as inshell or shelled. This flexibility coupled with our knowledge of the marketplace enables us to maximize returns to our growers.


To accomplish our goals we start by having a professional staff with many years of experience in the almond industry. We understand every facet of this rapidly evolving environment.


We value strong relationships and believe that transparency is very important which is why we provide our growers with detailed reports throughout the process. Our reports have been designed to be valuable tools for our growers.