Famoso Nut



We have decades of experience in processing almonds to meet our customers food safety specifications. We know the importance for our customers of receiving a dependable and consistent product. We provide a high quality product by combining advanced electronic processing equipment with highly focused and well trained personnel. Every almond that leaves our facility has gone through a series of specialized pieces of equipment including optical scanners and is reviewed on conveyors by personnel before being packed and shipped.

Inshell Varieties

We produce the following varieties of inshell almonds: Avalon, Butte, Livingston, Monterey, Nonpareil, Padre, and Sonora.

Shelled Varieties

We produce the following varieties of shelled almonds: Aldrich, Avalon, Butte, Carmel, Fritz, Independence, Livingston, Mission, Monterey, Nonpareil, Padre, Price, and Sonora.


We take care in preparing our almonds for shipment by using high quality materials. Starting with the pallet or slip-sheet all the way up to the final plastic wrapping. We ship our inshell almonds in 50 pound capacity bags. And we ship our shelled product in either 50 pound capacity boxes or 2,200 pound capacity fiber bins.


Our experienced staff can arrange the precise shipping solutions you require and provide the detailed documentation necessary. We specialize in international shipping and will work with you to make sure your almonds get on the right truck, the right ship, and ultimately get to you as quickly as possible.