Famoso Nut


We are a locally-owned almond huller, sheller, handler, and sales organization dedicated to producing quality almond products for our customers. We are committed to achieving the highest grower returns through the combined efforts of a cohesive, dedicated team.


For over two decades, Famoso Nut Company has processed and marketed California almonds to customers worldwide.

We began as a huller in 1989 to process our own almonds. After gaining years of experience and making many improvements and refinements, we began accepting almonds from other growers.

Seeing the increasing global demand for inshell almonds. In 2005 we expanded our operations with an additional facility calibrated specifically for inshell almonds.

We value long-term relationships and work hard to provide the most consistent highest quality product possible.


We are BRCGS “AA” certified. We practice:

We are also Kosher certified.